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420 Million People Worldwide Suffer From Chronic Inflammation Diseases And Struggle With


Delay in Inflammation

Patients usually recognize inflammation flare ups late which can lead to other health complications such as reduced mobility, deformations, extreme pain and psychological disorders..


Exposure To Organ and
Nerve Damage

When joint or muscle inflammation is detected late it can lead to the inflammation of other organs, which possibly take damage


Increased Dependence on
Aggressive Medication

Late detection of inflammation often necessitates aggressive treatments like cortisone. This can lead to side effects including psychological disorders, hormonal imbalance, and weight gain.


Average Diagnosis
Time of 2-3 Years

From the time of the first doctors appointment to having accurately classified the disease, often 2-3 years go by. This is a long time for a patient to be in pain and not knowing what is wrong with them.


Inflammaid is a medical device that detects inflammation flare ups for chronic inflammation diseases´ patients




Battery life up to 7 days

connects to our App

Easy to use

Meet The Team

Founder and CEO Team Member

As a Business Specialist and a Rheuma Patient herself, Camila thrives to empower other chronic disease patients with her story and our product. She strongly believes that InflammAid can be a game changer for chronic disease patients and is one step forward in managing these conditions.

Founder and CAIO Team Member

As a passionate biomedical engineer specializing in AI, María is dedicated to leveraging artificial intelligence in medicine to enrich the well-being of individuals. Her determination to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those with chronic diseases drives her commitment to innovation and research in the field.

Founder and CTO Team Member

As a Mechanical Engineer and passionate about Project Management, Felix´s goal is to ultimately make a difference in people’s lives. The motivation to found a start up and gain real experience in how to bring ideas into reality thrives Felix to fulfill his role within our team.

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